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IconPainter graphic

IconPainter is a cross-platform Java image editor for creating and manipulating small as well as larger images. Features include:

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Running IconPainter

To run IconPainter you will need to install Java 2 which is a free download for Windows, Linux and Solaris.

To start IconPainter after Java 2 is installed and the product is downloaded and unzipped, Windows users should just double click the "IconPainter.jar" file to start the application.

IconPainter and WBMP

WBMP is a new image format used for images on mobile phones. IconPainter codes and decodes this format according to the WAP specification. IconPainter can also be used to perform conversion between WBMP and the other formats it supports such as GIF.

Try before you buy

The shareware version of IconPainter has full functionality except for the fact that two crossed lines are drawn across saved images until the software is registered.