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AppletPainter creates complex applets without programming. Any single component from a library of components can be used on it's own or in combination with other components to create the desired applet. The overall applet size can be as big or as small as is required. Using the product is easy: Press the component button to select the component you want added to the applet and then press the property button to decide how that component will behave. Then press save to create the applet HTML and JAR file. Important features include :

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Right now the component library consists of 35 components, each of which has a range of optional settings. The library will expand with each new release of the product and there is no intention to charge for upgrades in the forseeable future. The main categories in the product's components library are:

So what browsers do AppletPainter created applets require?

Any browser with a Java VM plugin. That includes the old Microsoft IE VM as well as Sun's own VM.

Do I need to install Java on my PC to create applets?

Yes. AppletPainter requires that Java 2 is installed to create applets but not to view them.

Can Macintosh users see the applets?

Yes. Providing they use Internet Explorer with Apple's MRJ (Mac runtime for Java) or Apple's MRJ plugin for Netscape.

Aren't AppletPainter applets much larger than normal?

Not necessarily. The basic "player" that has to be present for all applets accounts for 6.75K. Single component applets will often be less than 10K in total. Since all applets are compressed into a single Jar file for downloading there is only one HTTP request to get them from the server. The applet compression into a Jar file can sometimes mean that images are also compressed further (dramatically so with BMP images).