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ImageSafe is for those who have an image they want people to see but not in a form that can be easily copied. To do this the product encapsulates webpage images in a Java applet for viewing. This means:

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What about screen capture?

Screen capture by a user can be done in a second and it's not possible to prevent the saving of what's on the screen despite attempts to disable key sequences. The best way to frustrate screen capture is to animate the image in some way. Just encoding the image in an applet is little deterent on it's own although animated GIFs are the exception since they are already moving. If you are just interested in having a static watermark over your image then use H2Omarker.

To get maximum protection from ImageSafe it's recommended that the following options be employed:

ImageSafe and HTML editors

A lot of page authoring is now done with HTML editors like Frontpage. Some users may find it tricky to cut and paste the HTML of an ImageSafe applet so ImageSafe provides the option for the correct HTML to be put directly into the system clipboard. Once there, clicking the Windows right mouse button and doing a paste operation can move the HTML directly into the HTML editor's "insert HTML" dialog.

ImageSafe and watermarking

There is no problem using a watermark such as Photoshop's Digimark or H2Omarker and ImageSafe together. This can provide an additional level of digital rights management (DRM). The image that goes into ImageSafe is the image that comes out. For more on watermarking and it's problems go to Fabian Petitcolas's watermarking page at Cambridge Uni.

A note about browser caches

If you protect an image with ImageSafe and run the same image through ImageSafe again, perhaps because you registered the product or changed an option, you may get a "Null pointer exception" message when you look at the new applet on your local PC. The reason is that the browser is retrieving the old applet out of the cache so the cache should be cleared to fix the problem.

ImageSafe weaknesses