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The "UTM converter" is the standalone, web-independent version of the UTM applet. The overall appearance and calculations are exactly the same however I had a few requests for a field-useable, standalone version with some specific features:

The converter is written in Java so will run on Windows/Mac/Linux and any system that has at least Java 1.3 installed. Java is a free download from Sun (download the latest JRE unless you are programming). After making sure a Java runtime is installed and unzipping "utmconverter.zip", you can then double click the "UTMConvert.jar" file to start the application.

So why isn't it free like the applet? I'm an independent consultant without institutional support and I felt the best way to help pay to keep both applet and standalone version available is to charge 14.95USD which can be payed online (an upgrade to a newer version is the same cost).

New licenses for a new computer Everyone buys a new copy of windows for a new computer and it's only fair you should buy a new copy of UTMconverter for a second machine. Remember you are buying a license to run on one specific computer.