CellSpark graphic
Cellphone multimedia creation

CellSpark Animator

The CellSpark animation editor creates compact flash-like vector graphics animations for nearly all Java enabled phones. Create presentations, screen savers and more for a host of different handsets.


CellPix creates downloadable packages of image content for mobile phones with associated text, complete interactive control plus secure access.


CellBooks offers a free and commercial library of downloadable literature for any Java enabled phone, including the US constitution.


CellKaraoke offers a selection of free karaokes for any Java enabled cellphone.

Midi ringtone editing


MidiCutter creates shorter clips out of long Midi files for use as ringtones and also creates non-midi preview files for ringtone sales.


MidiSqueezer squeezes the fat out of Midi files to get the least file size for use in mobile devices.


MidiJoiner lets you chain compilations of individual Midi tunes together into a single ringtone file.

Desktop graphics


IconPainter creates, edits, converts small images (all icons on this page) as well as large images with transparency, gradients and filters.


ThumbFactory is a free image thumbnailing solution for creating both thumbs and contact sheets for websites.


AppletPainter creates applets without programming. A library of components with adjustable behaviour can be used alone or in combinations.

Java development


HashStore provides disk based hashtables for storing Java objects. It can support huge tables with tiny memory requirements.


GridBagger is a visual layout tool for GridBagLayout. It generates source & helps understand constraints.


VerticalLayout is an open source Java layout manager that's the vertical equivalent of FlowLayout. ProportionalLayout is also included.

Desktop utilities


SelfExtract-Pro offers zip/unzip plus self-extracting Jar file creation.


FTP-Go is a free graphical FTP client that is quck and easy to use.


FtpGoServer is a simple, fast and easy to use FTP server in a very small executable file.

Anti-spam email applet

The anti-spam applet appears below. It prevents spammer's web crawling from reading your email address from the html and subsequently clogging up your mail box with rubbish. It's effective, simple, free and comes with source code. Just insert your email address into the html.

Bankruptcy prediction applet

The bankruptcy prediction applet is an online predictor of bankruptcy based on Altman z-scores. Both investors and employees can benefit from this rapid check of a companies health and it's chances of survival. Before buying the stock or switching jobs it may be prudent to check the balance sheet.

UTM <-> Lat/Lon converter

The online UTM applet provides free conversion between UTM coordinates and Latitude and Longitude. Alternatively there is a standalone version of this applet with extra features.